Michelle Obama, up on the roof.

First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Gary Comer Youth Center (GCYC) on Wednesday, along with six NATO delegates’ spouses.

The center provides children from Chicago’s South Side with a safe and stimulating environment, with programs that promote education, cultural arts, physical fitness, and civic engagement. ¬†An award-winning 8,000 square foot (0.18 acre) rooftop garden on top of the building provides GCYC children with a safe place to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. ¬†Resident chefs teach the children about cooking and nutrition, using the garden’s bounty.

“If you want to be a scientist, then get up on top of that roof and start studying those plants and working in that garden,” Michelle Obama coaxed GCYC listeners during her address.

What do you think about the First Lady’s interest in nutrition and gardening?

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  1. Wow fantastic! I had seen an episode of Restaurant Impossible as well that the First Lady supported a youth center, that one by commissioning Chef Irvine to expand their dining and common areas and also to find a place for a food garden (which turned out to be off-site at a school). What wonderful initiatives for the kids!

  2. The rooftop garden seems to be hugely successful, and GCYC’s website suggests that they have a few supplementary gardens throughout the neighborhood. Cool stuff!

  3. I have always been impressed with Michelle Obama’s interests in the gardening, healthy food, and pretty much everything about her mission. This is a good story and thanks for passing it along.

  4. Thanks for reading the post and viewing the video, Wendy. I too have been consistently impressed with Michelle Obama’s interests and mission.

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