Whole Bazaar rooftop book sale

Roof-to-Table Launch Event Philadelphia || photo by Jane Winkel

Roof-to-Table Launch Event Chicago || photos by Paula Mandel

Despite this year’s erratic weather, spring has officially sprung!  For gardeners and aspiring DIYers alike, this could mean that you’ve been quietly plotting your early season veggie planting, or maybe you’ve been dreaming of a brand new garden.

If you’re planning to grow this year’s edibles on a roof, balcony, or fire escape, you’ll likely have more than a few questions.  Luckily, “EAT UP | the inside scoop on rooftop agriculture” (New Society Publishers, 2013) is here to help!  As the first full-length book about rooftop food production, EAT UP delivers the answers you’ll need.

You can buy this carbon-neutral guide as a book or e-book through all the regular sellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).  But if you’re in Philadelphia on April 8th, hang tight on that purchase!  Come meet EAT UP author Lauren Mandel, PLA, ASLA on the roof of Whole Foods Market South Street and buy a fresh copy in person.  You’ll have the chance to chat about your own rooftop garden, buy roof-to-table notecards and postcards, and can even get your book signed, if you’re so inclined.

We’ll see you on April 8th at the market’s Whole Bazaar event, rain or shine!

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