top 10 reasons to buy EAT UP this holiday season

Not sure what to give your hip, garden-loving, urban foodie this holiday season?  How about a carbon-neutral gift that they’ll use to gain inspiration and change the world?  “EAT UP | the inside scoop on rooftop agriculture” makes the perfect gift or stocking-stuffer for your mom/dad/aunt/uncle/cousin/daughter/son/friend/neighbor, or even that cute guy down the street.  Through case studies, checklists, and interviews with rooftop agriculture’s industry leaders, this book inspires readers to garden their own rooftop and farm the skyline.  Don’t fret, EAT UP‘s available through Amazon Prime and as an e-book.

In case you need some extra convincing, here are the top 10 reasons to buy EAT UP this holiday season:


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