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Roof-To-Table Photography Exhibition flyer ||  by Lauren Mandel
The travelling EAT UP | Roof-to-Table Photography Exhibition captures the vibrancy of North America’s burgeoning rooftop agriculture movement.  With fresh roofscape imagery and gritty portraiture, this collection of photographs portrays food’s journey from urban roof to plate.
The exhibition coincides with the publication of EAT UP | the inside scoop on rooftop agriculture, the first full-length book about rooftop food production.  The book includes over 100 images of skyline farms and vegetable gardens, most of which are printed in black and white to satisfy the publishing house’s carbon-neutral mission.  By featuring images from EAT UP, the exhibition aims to bring the colors of rooftop agriculture to life while spreading the imagery of a movement.  Each photograph is framed in double-reclaimed lumber that transformed from barn siding to flooring to frame stock.  EAT UP author Lauren Mandel curated this travelling exhibition.  The works of nine photographers (including Lauren) showcase rooftop imagery from nine cities: Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Portland, San Francisco, Sarasota, Montreal, and Vancouver.
Contributing Photographers

– Allen Ying Photography []
– Ari Burling Photography []
– Jake Stein Greenberg
– John Q. Porter []
– Lauren Mandel, MLA, ASLA []
– Lufa Farms []
– Michael I. Mandel, PhD []
– Patrick Rogers Photography []
– The Fairmont Waterfront []