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Uncommon Ground || photo by Lauren Mandel

As a gardener I’ve listened to You Bet Your Garden for over 10 years. Not religiously, but often enough to keep up with the latest tricks and trends in organic gardening around the country. The weekly radio show is taped at NPR Affiliate station WHYY in Philadelphia, my hometown, and while it’s broadcast to 50 public radio stations throughout the U.S., I strangely feel as though host Mike McGrath is speaking directly to me. Tomorrow, he actually will.

That’s right! Mike and I taped the show – about rooftop agriculture, of course – a few weeks ago, and I’m positively thrilled to hear it air tomorrow, September 7th, on my local station (90.9-FM) at 11:00 am ET. Now, Mike’s no ordinary radio host. His formidable achievements include holding positions as Editor-In-Chief of Organic Gardening magazine and Garden Editor of WTOP News Radio, and authoring numerous garden-related books. Every week he answers callers’ questions live, on-air, and he sees his fair share of email questions too. He kicked off our segment by stating, “I have to say that an increasing amount of my emails are people asking about growing on rooftops.” Do you believe it?! Rooftop agriculture has made it.

Tune in this week to hear our whole conversation about rooftop veggie gardening and my book, EAT UP | the inside scoop on rooftop agriculture (New Society Publishers, 2013). The show will air at different times on varying days of the week on each station, so to hear the broadcast live be sure to check You Bet Your Garden’s website. You can also listen to the show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio ‘NPR Now’ Channel (#122) on Saturday and Sunday morning at 7:00 am ET. Here’s the show, just in case you miss it live:

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